Reinvesting in Louisiana’s Criminal Justice System
Governor John Bel Edwards

Children of Incarcerated Parents: Ending the Cycle of Trauma
Chaseray L. Griffin

A Father’s Journey Through Louisiana’s Criminal Justice System
Corey Ladd


When Are You Coming Home: An Exploratory Essay Confronting the Issues Involving Children with Incarcerated Parents and How to Break the Cycle
Dominque Jones

The Unconstitutionality of the Federal Ban on Noncitizen Voting and Congressionally-Imposed Voter Qualifications
Stephen E. Mortellaro

Mental Health Implications for Children of Incarcerated Parents
Anna T. Smyke, Ph.D, Letia O. Bailey, LCSW, & Charles H. Zeanah, M.D.



From Jails to Emergency Shelters: Dismantling Unconstitutional Border Patrol Detention
M. Kate Richardson

Louisiana’s Addiction to Mass Incarceration By the Numbers
Courtney Harper Turkington