Diversity Jurisdiction: A Storied Past, A Flexible Future
Chief Judge Carl E. Stewart

Follow the Natural Law: Provide Access to Justice, Improve Someone Else’s Life (And Your Own)
Mark C. Suprenant

Natural Disasters and Government Torts: Immunity for Delictual Injury After Disaster Damage
Peter M. Mansfield


Rethinking Political Party Contribution Limits: A Roadmap to Reform
T. Hart Benton

Louisiana’s Collateral Source Rule: Eliminating the “Windfall” Arising from Medical Expense Write-Offs
Gary M. Langlois, Jr.



Shaping the Future of the Internet: Regulating the World’s Most Powerful Information Resource in U.S. Telecom Ass’n  v. FCC
Kristina M. Lagasse

Modifying Consent Decrees: Louisiana Supreme Court Balances Parental Rights with the Child’s Need for Stability in Tracie v. Francisco
Erica P. Sensenbrenner