The Dignity of the Human Person: Catholic Social Teaching and the Practice of Criminal Punishment
Dora W. Klein

Uncertainty in Death and Taxes-The Need to Reform Louisiana’s Limited Liability Company Laws
William A. Neilson

Sorry, You Can’t Get There From Here: The Untenable Goal of Using Short- Term Rental Real Estate To Attain Real Estate Professional Status
Ausher M. B. Kofsky


Clarifying and Improving the Law of Enclosed Estates in Modern Day Land-Scarce Louisiana
Kelsey A. Eagan

Art Expressed on a Living Canvas: Proposing a Balance Between the Protection of Free Expression and the Governmental Interest in Regulating the Tattoo Industry
Claire A. Noonan


Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co.: The Alien Tort Statute’s Presumption Against Extraterritoriality
Kaki J. Johnson