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Subscription Information

The Loyola Law Review is published three times annually. Subscriptions are $30 per year (domestic) and $36 per year (international). Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless the subscriber cancels in a timely matter. Please download, complete, and submit the Loyola Law Review Subscription Form. For additional information, new subscriptions, cancellations, or address changes, please contact:

Michelle Morlier, Business Manager
Loyola Law Review
Phone:  (504) 861-5539
Fax:  (504) 861-5489

Back Order Information

To order back issues of Law Review, please contact:

William S. Hein Company, Inc.
Periodicals Department
24 East Ferry Street
Buffalo, NY 14209-1987
Phone: (800) 868-7571
Fax: (716) 883-8100