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Rev. Gregory Manning

Rev. Gregory Manning
Activist and Founder Greater New Orleans Interfaith Climate Coalition

Rev. Manning graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater and religion from Wabash College and went on to earn his Masters of Divinity degree from Concordia Theological Seminary.

Rev. Manning believes firmly that everyone’s life has a story. This present chapter of his life includes a strong commitment to the ministry of Broadmoor Community Church, community organizing, and a consistent fight to dismantle systemic racism on all fronts. This is accomplished through Pastor Manning’sinvolvement as co-moderator for Justice and Beyond, a coalition of activists and organizations that advocate for equity and justice. Pastor Manning is also the founder and chairman of the Greater New Orleans Interfaith Climate Coalition. As facilitator for Coalition Against Death Alley, he has been deeply engaged in the fight against the petrochemical industry’s poisoning of River parishes. Criminal justice reform is a passion for Rev. Manning aswell. Therefore, he serves on the steering committee for the Peoples DA Coalition to elect a progressive District Attorney for New Orleans. Pastor Manning also enjoys serving on the board of directors of The Greater New Orleans YMCA, The Lighthouse of Louisiana, The Salvation Army and Rebecca’s Garden of Hope.

Pastor Manning considers it to be a special blessing to be an international speaker who has had the privilege of speaking as far north as Norway and as far South as Australia. His messages is one of hope and peace in times of struggle as he shares his message of faith; that nothing is too hard for God.