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Structural Racism and the Law: Exploring the Laws and Policies Creating and Sustaining Oppressive Systems

The past year has demonstrated to the public that the laws and policies of the United States are inherently racist and anti-Black. In the midst of a global pandemic, it was laid bare that the community suffering the greatest losses in terms of evictions, education, police brutality, and health outcomes was the Black community. Structural racism has created  complex, yet often hidden, barriers that make it harder for Black people to succeed. These laws and policies might seem racially neutral on their face but often have insidious roots.  This symposium will: (1) highlight the historical connection between laws and policies and current structural racism in the United States; and (2) identify the changes needed in various areas of law and policy— housing, city planning, criminal & juvenile justice, mass incarceration and education —to ensure that as a community, we work together to ensure that these laws are changed and equity is attained for all people.

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